I have been a longboarder since 2006 and I recently started making my own longboards and apparel. Each board is hand crafted and painted by me, and each of my shirts are screen printed in my living room! I started creating boards and shirts on the northern coast of Humboldt, CA in 2016.

Now I am traveling around the U.S.A. trying to sell some of my longboards and meet other independent longboard makers! I will be checking out as many of the country’s best longboarding streets, hills, boardwalks, and skate parks as I can. I’ll also be going to a lot of independent skate shops as I go. I will be sharing what I find along the way on my blog, where I will post weekly articles. Check out my blog and travels at The Lost Longboarder.

It would mean so much to me if you could help support what I do by picking up some rad gear here at my shop. If you have any suggestions on places I should go or events I should attend, please feel free to leave comments on the blog. May the streets be kind to your wheels!